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Family... [Feb. 3rd, 2005|10:16 pm]
I wonder why the bonds of family are considered to be so strong. Does blood have anything to do with loyalty. Nothing against my immediate family (I love them with all I am), but through my life I have realized that the old adage that "no matter who comes or goes, family will always be there" doesn't hold much water.

I feel that the loss of a friend or someone close to you can impact you in the same way the loss of a family member does. I get out of exams because my great aunt died but if my friend died I wouldn't necessarily. Is it more a factor of the time, moments and level of emotions we feel for eachother, rather than sharing of genetic material? The idea of blood or traditional family may be an antiquated notion. My love for my own family is not because they are my blood but what they have done for me, the times we shared and helped each other; especially the times we forgave when it wasn't deserved. Might we not have these things, possibly in greater proportions with others?

We all may be hurt or pushed away from our traditional family, but if one understands them to be simply other, fallible human beings who we happen to have a deep, close relationship with, the pain of the rejection is cast into a importantly different light. Maybe its best to spread your own net of those close to you widely and choose carefully who they are, that way you are able to control, though in a small way, those people whose opinions, love and compassion have play a foundational role in your life.

Anyways, please excuse this late night rant, it probably doesn't make any sense. When I'm of sound mind I'll edit it :)

In peace and struggle.

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