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Quick update from the depths of the beast. - camusrebel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Quick update from the depths of the beast. [Oct. 17th, 2005|10:10 pm]
Down in Lansing, Michigan. Flags at half-mast almost without change. $10 will buy you 10 pounds of ham and they sell chips in a family size bag that Pavorotti would be impressed with.

Smokin a Cuban on the steps of the Michigan Supreme Court, getting my car searched and being interrogated at the border when sansMeghan.

'Dicker and Deals' that could arm a malitia and some where you could furnish a house for $500.

Dodging honourable Reps on the way to class and steering clear of the State Police cruisers.

Cheap seasons of MASH help to relieve tension by indulging dark, existential humour. Webcams and calling card scams (screw you SBC).

"what did you have to say?
give me your logic, your definition,
the words you twist to justify your position
of mass starvation and blind airstrikes,
every problem is solved with a fight

peace won't be found,
til we're underground,
as long as we live without a sound

so pride yourself on what you are,
and hold them all to words they can't take back,
I've seen a place (it comes) to me in dreams
where fires die but light still shines for us to see

would God bless a murder of the innocents?
would God bless a war based on pride?
would God bless a money-hungry government? no.

would God bless our ineffective court system?
God bless the sweatshops we run.
would God bless Amerika?
God bless Amerika."

RISE AGAINST - "Red, White and Blue"

Life swims by in a blur, waiting to live - waiting to finally breathe in her arms during those few short hours at the twilight of the week.